In 2019, the Fat Family Restaurant Group celebrated 80 years of service and proudly took its place as the oldest restaurant in Sacramento to be owned exclusively by one family.

Back in 1939 when Frank Fat opened his namesake restaurant, he never would have guessed his humble establishment would be filled with notable politicians, as well as people from all walks of life—from Sacramento and beyond.

Frank had a genuine interest in feeding people quality food—and he did so in a way that truly made them feel special. His influence guided the opening of Fat City Bar & Café in Old Sacramento in 1976, Fat’s Asia Bistro & Dim Sum Bars in Roseville (2000) and Folsom (2004) and Fat’s Catering (1980). Today, every Fat’s restaurant strives to maintain the Frank Fat tradition: handcrafted, culinary excellence delivered with incomparable service. While the cuisine offered at each Fat’s restaurant may vary, they all integrate classic flavors, fresh ingredients, innovative culinary techniques and modern-day fine dining.

Join us at Fat’s Asia Bistro where modern Asian cuisine meets timeless tradition.